Mission Statement

Innovative Preschool strongly believes in meeting the challenging needs socially, emotionally, and educationally of any child that comes through our door by providing our families with qualified teachers in an accepting, stable, nurturing, and stimulating environment.


Individual Attention

We have more opportunities for individual attention with a low student to teacher ratio. This low ratio allows us to build focused relationships with each child, enabling us to provide specialized guidance. This individual attention strengthens social skills, develops mutual acceptance, and promotes a lifelong passion for learning.


Diverse Environment

Children of all backgrounds are proudly represented at Innovative. In partnership with Chico Unified School District’s Preschool Program, we provide a welcoming, specialized setting for children with and without special needs (i.e. hearing impairment, autism, cerebral palsy). This unique experience builds confidence in all children, and a firm foundation for valuing our differences, and celebrating our similarities.


Opportunities that Stimulate

Each day at Innovative Preschool is full of education play! Through this play, we nourish children’s curiosity, develop problem solving strategies, strengthen social skills, and invite creativity. Through out each day, we incorporate the standard curriculum necessary to prepare each child for elementary education.



  • Foster appreciation of diversity
  • Celebrate similarities & differences
  • Learn together/Live together
  • Strengthen social skills
  • Facilitate problem solving
  • Explore the world