Sickness & Illness Policies

In order for children to attend the program, they must be well enough to participate. Please contact us if your child will be out sick at 530-343-2028, as some communicable diseases must be reported to other families. Below are our policies for sickness and illness:

Children may not attend if they have any of the following symptoms or illnesses:

  • Diarrhea: Three or more episodes of diarrhea during the previous 24 hours, out until diarrhea resolves.
  • Vomiting: Two or more episodes of vomiting during the previous 24 hours, out until vomiting resolves, or is determined to be due to conditions that are not communicable.
  • Severe Coughing: Child gets red or blue in the face; child makes high-pitched croupy or whooping sound after he/she coughs. Child vomits from excessive coughing.
  • Difficult or Rapid Breathing: This is especially important in an infant under six months old.
  • Pink Eye: Tears, redness or eyelid lining, irritation, followed by swelling and discharge of pus. May return when condition is clear or with a doctor’s note.
  • Infected Skin Patches: Crusty, bright yellow, dry or gummy areas of skin.  Must remain covered at school.
  • Fever – Must be fever free for 24 hours, without medication, before returning.
  • Roseola Infantum (baby measles): May return after fever goes down and rash disappears.
  • Chicken Pox: May return 7 days after the onset of the rash, and if all blisters are dry.
  • Fifth Disease: May return when they no longer have a fever and rash is gone.
  • Scabies: May return after 24 hours and after treatment of the rash and possible sources of reinfection. Ex. Clothes, bedding, etc.
  • Measles: May return 5 days after appearance of rash.
  • Mumps: May return 9 days after swelling begins.
  • Pertussis: May return after 1 week of treatment with antibiotics.
  • Strep Throat: May return after 2 days of antibiotic treatment and symptoms are no longer present.
  • Scarlet Fever: May return when they are symptom free and released by their doctor, must have a Dr. note.
  • Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease: May return after fever subsides and all sores disappear.
  • Green or Excessive Mucus from Nose: May return when condition is clear.  Green mucus is not caused by allergies.