Raley’s Quality Card

It’s fast, easy and FREE! Each time you shop at Raley’s, present your Quality of Life Card to the cashier and Raley’s will donate a percentage of your purchase to Innovative Preschool.

The Quality of Life Card is different than other scrip programs. For example, some retailers subtract 15% for administrative fees, but Raley’s absorbs all those costs so your full contribution goes to support Innovative Preschool. What’s more, there are no product exclusions with our program. All of your purchases except non-merchandise items (lottery tickets, money orders, sales tax, etc.) generate money for the preschool!

You will need to request a Quality of Life card directly from Innovative Preschool (cards are pre-linked to our organization). Simply contact us (or call 343-2028) and we will get a card to you ASAP!

Raley's Quality Card

How to activate your Raley’s Quality of Life card:

Step 1: Visit www.raleys.com

Step 2: Click the Q-Card Scrip Program or Click Here now

Step 3: Click Log In/Sign Up (You’ll need to sign up for a free Raley’s account if you don’t already have one)

Step 4: To register your card, select option #2 “Click here to activate your card”. (Innovative Preschool’s Q-Card ID is #2431.)

Step 5: Have the cashier swipe your card every time you shop – Innovative Preschool will earn a percentage of your purchase! You can log in to your Raley’s account at any time to see how much your regular purchases have earned Innovative Preschool.