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Meet The Team


Innovative strongly believes in meeting the challenging needs socially, emotionally and educationally of any child that comes through our door by providing families with qualified teachers in an accepting, stable, nurturing and stimulating environment

Innovative Preschool is a non-profit preschool program for children 2 1/2 years to 6 years old. We are located in Chico, California, established in 1989 and have served over 2,000 children in our community. Our facility is nestled inside the Loma Vista School campus where we provide an integrated program as a part of a long relationship with Chico Unified School District. We serve children that have special needs and children that are typically developing in a responsive environment that considers the diverse needs of families.




It is our goal to promote peer acceptance and to help all children feel competent. We also would like children in our program to develop high self-esteem. All children are encouraged to be as independent as possible, with a teacher available to assist them when needed; while simultaneously focusing on interdependence skills among peers.

We believe that children can benefit most from a program that fosters social, emotional, creative, physical and cognitive development and provides guidance for problem solving.

Inclusive Play

Innovative is a unique program because children of all abilities play and learn together. There are many opportunities for students with and without disabilities to interact, engage and develop relationships with each other.


Interactions occur spontaneously and as a result of staff facilitation in the classrooms, on the playground and in planned play/learning groups.


These learning groups occur within the Innovative classrooms and sometimes in other parts of the facility of Loma Vista. Chico Unified and Innovative staff works  together so that students experience a variety of blended groupings throughout the day.


Important Info

Innovative and Loma Vista School are often confused with one-another. While Innovative Preschool strives to support children of all backgrounds and abilities, Innovative Preschool is not designed to take the place of a Special Education Program.


If you are searching for specialized services for your child, please contact Chico Unified School District or Far Northern Regional Center. 

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