Innovative Preschool is an inclusive preschool program located in Chico, CA. We were established in 1989 and have served over 2,000 children in our community. Our facility is located within the Loma Vista School campus. 

Our preschool provides an integrated program with Chico Unified School District. We serve children who have special needs, along with typically developing children.


It is our goal to promote peer acceptance and to help all children feel competent. We also would like children in our program to develop high self-esteem. All children are encouraged to be as independent as possible, with a teacher available to assist them when needed; while simultaneously focusing on interdependence skills among peers.

Specific goals of our philosophy are:

  • A child can benefit most from a program that fosters social, emotional, creative, physical and cognitive development and provides guidance for problem solving.

  • The community, of which the program is a part, is to be utilized to maximize the strengths and experiences of each child.

Important Info

Innovative and Loma Vista School are often confused with one-another. While Innovative Preschool strives to support children of all backgrounds and abilities, Innovative Preschool is not designed to take the place of a Special Education Program. If you are searching for specialized services for your child, please contact Chico Unified School District or Far Northern Regional Center. 

Learning Groups

Innovative is a unique program because children of all abilities play and learn together. There are many opportunities for students with and without disabilities to interact, engage and develop relationships with each other. Interactions occur spontaneously and as a result of staff facilitation in the classrooms, on the playground and in planned play/learning groups. These learning groups occur within the Innovative classrooms and sometimes in other parts of the facility of Loma Vista. Chico Unified and Innovative staff works  together so that students experience a variety of blended groupings throughout the day. As part of your enrollment at Innovative we ask for your consent to allow your child to participate.

Play Group:

Small pull-out programs with one child with an Individual Education Plan and 3-4 typically developing peers. Each day one teacher goes to each room to pick up children and brings them to the playgroup room (located in the Turtle Room kitchen) and facilitates participation in a smaller setting. Generally there is a well-planned curriculum theme or idea that is supported through literacy, dramatic play, art, and creativity.

Water Group: 

As part of Loma Vista’s Special Education program’s extended day component (11:30-2:30), the Innovative children participate in a larger group circle that mimics a kindergarten classroom’s curriculum. These circle times discuss more complex social-emotional concepts, encourage leadership skills, allows children to practice more challenging levels of impulse control. In addition there is an activity time rotation where children split into smaller groups to do music, art, a turn-taking game or another type of activity that supports learning objectives.

Challenge Group: 

Children that are kindergarten age, or kindergarten age eligible can participate in challenge group that takes place during rest/nap time. We created a program that assists children in independently practicing more kindergarten readiness skills using the TEACCH approach. Our goal is to help children be reflective of their own learning style and to understand how they feel when the work is achievable, but challenging. We utilize Growth Mindset strategies to prepare children for new skills.

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